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Friday, 6 February 2009


Thought I would post a cute picture of the most beautiful book in the world to me;

Can you guess what it is?

Staying True!

Staying true to my predominantly Arab and partly Caribbean heritage, I thought I would introduce my fellow muslimahs to the joys of being Arab (and Caribbean).
1. I love food, any food but, mainly Moroccan and Egyptian food (told ya I was staying true to my roots)
2. I love going 'back home' (Morocco) to visit my family every year for Summer. Nothing, beats stepping off the plane with my parents and lil' sister, being greeted by one of your many Uncles and then being driven to your grandparents' house where the whole family awaits to greet you (and see what you have brought over for them from that 'magical' place called London...lol : )
3. Praying in a Masjid is always preferred however, living in the West as my Western sisters know, we have no 'adhan' so, we use the timetable at the masjid to know roughly our prayer times for each day.
But, when you are back in a Muslim country and you awake to the sounds of the Fajr adhan with its hauntingly beautiful voice and melody you tend to fall in love with Islam all over again.
Am I right or am I right? lol... ; )

Say to the believing men That they should lower Their gaze and guard Their modesty: that will make For greater purity for them: And Allah is well acquainted With all that they do.
And say to the believing women That they should lower Their gaze and guard Their modesty: that they Should not display their Beauty and ornaments except What (ordinarily) appear Thereof; that they should Draw their veils over Their bosoms and not display Their beauty except To their husbands, their fathers, Their Husband's fathers, their sons, Their brothers or their brothers' sons, Or their sisters' sons, Or their women, or their slaves Whom their right hands Possess, or male attendants Free of sexual desires. Or small children who Have no carnal knowledge of women; And that they Should not strike their feet In order to draw attention To their hidden ornaments.
And O ye Believers! Turn ye all together Towards Allaah in repentance that ye may be successful.
(Al -Quran, ch.24:30-31)

There is a reason why Allah s.w.t has given us this because He knows that humanity is weak and left to its own devices would unknowingly be slaves to Shaytan and his immoral and corrupt ways.
Agree or Disagree?

Assalam alaikum sisters! I have just returned from al-jumu'ah prayers with my fellow sisters and suffice to say was not impressed with the behaviour of my so-called muslimahs.
Now, while I realise everyone may be @ different levels in terms of faith and practice there are some things you just don't do and may Allah s.w.t forgive me for speaking ill of others like so but, in order to improve and prevent other muslimahs doing the same thing then I feel like I should say something...a typical example of what not to do;
1. DO NOT come out of the prayer room where everyone is congregated outside and I mean everyone (yes, that includes brothers 2!) and proceed to take off your abaya and headscarf and if that wan't bad enough, revealing inches of flesh no matter how toned or bronzed it may be. It's ridiculous and I can't understand why any practising muslimah would do such a thing.
2. DO NOT flirt or touch a non-mahrem man's arm in a flirtatious gesture OUTSIDE the prayer room or masjid it's HARAM 2 even be thinking of such things.
3. DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT decide to light up a cigarette in front of everyone in ur full hijab and abaya just coming from prayer. Smoking can be seen as haram as it damages ur body (which, may I remind you is a gift from Allah s.w.t) however, if you feel you must have a cigarette may I suggest you wait till you are alone before lighting and inhaling that filth into your lungs or better still, ever heard of a nicorette patch!

Sorry for the rambling on but it has to be said so other sisters will read this and hopefully agree with my comments of what I have witnessed this friday lunchtime.
Assalam alaikum and Peace Out till next time.

Monday, 2 February 2009

New Blog, New Post

Hey Guys,
I thought I would ask my fellow sisters out there what kind of things you would like to see on the blog itself whether it's advice about islam, hijab, life or tips. Just let me know, the blog is still in its early days so I need you guys to rally round and help me out.
Jazakhallah khair.