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Friday, 6 February 2009

Staying True!

Staying true to my predominantly Arab and partly Caribbean heritage, I thought I would introduce my fellow muslimahs to the joys of being Arab (and Caribbean).
1. I love food, any food but, mainly Moroccan and Egyptian food (told ya I was staying true to my roots)
2. I love going 'back home' (Morocco) to visit my family every year for Summer. Nothing, beats stepping off the plane with my parents and lil' sister, being greeted by one of your many Uncles and then being driven to your grandparents' house where the whole family awaits to greet you (and see what you have brought over for them from that 'magical' place called London...lol : )
3. Praying in a Masjid is always preferred however, living in the West as my Western sisters know, we have no 'adhan' so, we use the timetable at the masjid to know roughly our prayer times for each day.
But, when you are back in a Muslim country and you awake to the sounds of the Fajr adhan with its hauntingly beautiful voice and melody you tend to fall in love with Islam all over again.
Am I right or am I right? lol... ; )


singamaraja said...


Singamaraja reading your blogs

MuSLiMa FlOwEr said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I miss hearing the Adhan in egypt :(*criez* hehehehehe.

MuSLiMa FlOwEr said...

I know exactly what you mean! I miss hearing the adan in egypt :( ehehehehhehe

ZimimeXoxo said...

Salamu aleykoum !

Nice blog sister :)

I know how it must feel ahaha just got back from morocco. Sigh , I miss Morocco, A lot. Unfortunately can't go every year because I live in Canada, so it's pretty expensive to go to morocco :( I try to go there every 3 years ^^